A 70th anniversary edition of one of Priestley’s most acclaimed and best loved collections of short essays is released for Christmas, illustrated throughout by Priestley’s great granddaughter Tabitha Wykeham.

This book comprises a series of short essays, which all depict a simple pleasure – the small things in life that Priestley delighted in at a relatively difficult time – a notion that chimes perfectly with the current national mood.  – Fountains; a walk in a pine wood; a new box of matches; Sunday papers in the country; reading in bed about foul weather; suddenly doing nothing .

Available at good bookshops or visit :Great Northern Books: Delight
“What we need is a shot of joy. And I have found just the thing. JB Priestley published his wonderful collection of essays, Delight, in 1949, another period of austerity.” Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph. 


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